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Biomedical Engineering Services

Over 28 years as a Northern Territory company dedicated to Northern Territory clients.


We manage your equipment needs via our professional service, support, training, project management and consultancy.


Our Mission is:

We believe that our clients medical, dental and scientific equipment deserves as much care as their patients.

To achieve this, we provide world-class Biomedical Engineering services with the goal of achieving maximum equipment availability within sustainable costs.

Because we care!


Repairs, Testing, Certification, and Preventive Maintenance.

Sales of Parts and Supplies


Training, Consultancy and Management

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2. Plan throughlife support

We will help you develop the best equipment solutions for your needs.

3. Maximise equipment efficiency

It's what we do!

1. Make the appropriate purchase

Helping you find the right equipment solutions is the first step in getting the appropriate tools into the clinicians' hands.


Next, it is vital to plan how the equipment is going to be supported during its life to ensure you maximise availability and maintain the safe and effective function of your medical equipment for minimum cost, making sure you maintain value for money into the future.

"Maximum Uptime for

Minimum cost!"

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